Healing Tools

Peace, Love and Light believes the body can heal only when you take responsibility for your health and how you feel. If you are willing to replace old habits with new ones, you’ll begin to see the changes immediately! Healing starts with what we feed our bodies and more importantly what we believe about healing naturally.
If you are not providing yourself with the proper nutrients, over a period of time the body is prone to illness and dis-ease. Think about it like this, your car, you wash it, put oil in it, take it to get tuned-up etc, You have to take car of your car, so it can take car of you. Well, it’s the same with the body! The body is a natural healing machine. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.
Our food healing 101 guide opens the awareness and begins your journey into living a healthy life style. We take the guess work out of what to do. All you have to do is DO IT! What’s included:

Healing with Food 101 E-Book:

• Why reading labels are important
• List of GMO Ingredients
• What is causing Dis-ease
• Organic vs. Conventional Food
• Refrigerator Staples
• Pantry Makeover Guide
• What are Superfoods
• Healing with Smoothies
• Healing with Green Juice
• Healing with Spices
• How to make your own Nut Milk/Nut Butter Guide
• Healthy Snack Guide
• The Truth about Water
• Herbal Teas
• Ph Balance

The Healing with Food Guide provides you with a monthly calendar with menus geared to assist in healing your body.
• Monthly meal calendar (Repeat for 4 weeks until the next month guide is issued)
• A detailed grocery list
• 21 recipes per month (5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner + 1 new salad dressing 5 desert options)
• Each recipe consist of whole food, organic, Non-GMO, and non-processed food
• Plant-based options with vegan and gluten free alternatives
Trying to plan a meal everyday, let alone having to cook the meal can be mind boggling. This is why there are 21 recipes to learn and repeat 4 times during the month. The deserts are optional! Hey, you still have to have a sweet option.
To top it off! Everything is organized and easy to access. Sign up, pay and download the Food Healing 101 Guide and Healing with Food Monthly Eating Guide each month and hit print! That’s it – real simple and straightforward. Sign up today!