healthy cookies

How do I make a Healthy Cookie?

healthy cookies

Healthy cookie recipes are not just a dream now. By following a few simple tips and substitutions in ingredients, you can get some very tasty and healthy cookies in your diet. Many individuals, no matter what their age is, love cookies. However, many cookies that are available in the market are full of calories and fat, which turns cookies into a less healthy choice. Making your own cookies – especially by using healthier ingredients –surely means that you can enjoy cookies on a regular basis without any diet issues. If the ingredient that you add to the cookies is of good quality, then they can provide you with important nutrients. Here is a deep look into at a few places of the substitutions that you can help in making healthy cookie recipes.

  • Oil and other Shortening Substitutes

The oil or shortening in cookies is used to shorten gluten strands so that the baked product turns out to be softer. As all the fats and oils are not of bad quality, going with the one that is a healthier option for you is a great idea. One idea can be the substitution made by coconut oil, which can prove to be a healthier option than any other oils. Three oils that should be avoided while baking cookie are peanut, sesame, and olive oil as they own very strong flavors and may not taste that good in cookies.

  • The Sugar Substitutes

Many healthy cookie recipes require much more sugar than is needed. From a health point of view, we should try reducing the usage of sugar by half or even more.  Even better, eliminating sugar from your cookies completely and using another sweetener in place of sugar is the best solution. You will be required to use much less sweetener than sugar. If a cookie recipe requires 1 cup/250 mL of sugar, then just use one-half cup/125 mL of honey or maple syrup instead of it. Adjust the amount as per your taste.

  • Add in Healthy Ingredients

While substituting various ingredients in a cookie recipe which can make cookies far more healthier, consider some ingredients that can be added to the healthy cookie recipes to make them even more best from the health point of view. Using whole grains in healthy cookie recipe can make the cookies much healthier. From a nutrition point of view, we can add dried fruits and nuts to the cookie better. Thus enjoy making healthy and tasty cookies for you and your family.

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